Escuela Gospel de Canarias

The Escuela Gospel de Canarias has always had as an objective to be closely linked to society and for this reason, in these more than five years of life, we have participated in numerous social events and we support different entities and organizations in order to carry out a significant social work.

Well, in order to make this social work a reality, in 2021 the EGC carried out its first social project called We are people.

We are people is a long-term social project through which different actions will be carried out to collaborate closely with society or with associations that play an important role in our society. During the month of May 2021, the EGC managed to carry out a first action with social purposes and for this purpose a crowdfunding campaign (micropatronage) was organized and successfully completed to raise funds and be able to finance the first studio recording of Canarias Gospel Choir. Part of the funds raised in the campaign, as well as the proceeds of the song will be donated to the Tenerife Breast Cancer Association: ÁMATE.


In the recording participated all the members of CGC from the four islands where the EGC has its choirs and the song chosen was a version of a song that talks about overcoming called Rise up, original of the artist Andra Day.

You can enjoy this song sung by the members of Canarias Gospel Choir in the main digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, among others.

Another of the actions that we carry out within our social project, We are People, is to take our music to those environments where it can be a way of enjoyment out of the ordinary.

We have called this new project “JUNTOS. MÚSICA PARA COMPARTIR“. With it we want to make our voices sound in senior centers, to people who do not have the opportunity to listen to us in auditoriums or theaters.

These are the centers where we have been this year:





Residencia Mimara Dr.Domingo de Guzmán

11 marzo – 17:00 horas

Hogar de Mayores Virgen de Candelaria

13 marzo – 17:30 horas

Residencial Altavista 2

19 marzo – 17:00 horas

Hospital Nuestra Señora de los Dolores

9 de abril – 17:00 horas


Hospital de la Caridad

9 de marzo a las 11:00