Escuela Gospel de Canarias (EGC) is founded in 2017 by the musician Ezequiel Barrios with the main objective of forming the Gospel Network that unites the Canary Islands. Thus, the EGC begins its journey with some workshops on the island of Lanzarote that will lead to the creation of the first choir of the school. Shortly after, it was decided to start also with a second group on the island of Tenerife and a year later the group was formed on the island of La Palma. In 2020 there will also be a fourth group created on the island of Gran Canaria. Thus, in 2021 the EGC will be established on four of the eight islands.

It will be in 2022 when the children and youth choir rehearsals also begin in Tenerife and when the EGC decides to go further and form a new group outside the islands, more specifically, in the Andalusian capital, Seville.

Today, the Gospel School of the Canary Islands has 3 choirs: Canarias Gospel Choir, Canarias Teen Gospel Choir and Sevilla Gospel Choir.

The Gospel School of the Canary Islands is the promoter of the Canarias Gospel Summit and of the cycle for seniors, JUNTOS. MÚSICA PARA COMPARTIR, concerts that bring gospel music closer to our seniors.



Since the creation of the first group in Lanzarote and until today, Escuela Gospel de Canarias has performed numerous concerts in the Canary music scene and has participated in various festivals such as the Gospel Canarias Fest. In addition, it has carried out training workshops for adults and for children and young people, as well as workshops in schools and organized the first gospel summit in the Canary Islands: Canarias Gospel Summit, which is now in its fourth edition.

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