Escuela Gospel de Canarias


Escuela Gospel de Canarias thinks about your formation and for this reason we have private classes of: singing, musical language and harmony.

The classes are always adapted to your needs and are individual sessions, independent of our choirs, which can be face-to-face sessions (only on the island of Tenerife, specifically in Santa Cruz) or online sessions for students from the island of Tenerife or anywhere else.

In these individual sessions we work on vocal technique adapted to any modern style, we teach theory and the language of music through solfège and intonation. We also deepen in the subject of harmony.

At present, the classes are taught by Ezequiel Barrios, director of the Escuela Gospel de Canarias.


From the EGC we also want to bring gospel music to any place and to all people who want to know and live this musical style. In this sense we offer workshops for groups and adult choirs taught by Ezequiel Barrios. It is worth mentioning that music and singing in a group produces benefits at a group level, so these workshops are also offered for associations, companies, work groups, etc.

We also carry out workshops for children and young people that can also be taught in schools. These workshops can be given by Ezequiel Barrios or Sonia Cárdenas.

We have given numerous workshops in different parts of Spain, such as Lanzarote, Vitoria, Vigo, Seville, Guadalajara, Gran Canaria, Madrid, etc…



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