Escuela Gospel de Canarias

Each choir on each island functions according to its own idiosyncrasies, at its own pace and adapting to the local culture. However, all EGC choirs are united around the same teaching methodology, the same repertoire and, in general, the same way of doing things. Thanks to all this, the island limitation is not a problem to sing together and unite the groups of each island in a single choir under the name CANARIAS GOSPEL CHOIR, the adult choir, and CANARIAS TEEN GOSPEL CHOIR, the children and youth choir.

It is in the year 2022 that the EGC intends to make the leap to the peninsula and does so by starting rehearsals in Seville. This choir will be directed by Ezequiel Barrios and will work in the same way as the ones in the islands. SEVILLA GOSPEL CHOIR is born.

The adult choirs are directed by Ezequiel Barrios, with Yaiza Pérez as co-director of the rehearsal on the island of La Palma, while the children’s choir is directed by Sonia Cárdenas.

Yaiza Pérez

Canarias Gospel Choir, La Palma, co-director.

Ezequiel Barrios

 Canarias Gospel Choir and Sevilla Gospel Choir conductor.

Sonia Cárdenas

Canarias Teen Gospel Choir conductor.

Canarias Gospel Choir

Canarias Gospel Choir (CGC) arises from the union of students from all the islands in a single choir, creating a single sound. The adult choir of Canarias participates in the Canarias Gospel Summit, which is the gospel summit organized by our School, as well as in the Gospel Canarias Fest, a gospel festival organized by Xenox Producciones, now in its 17th edition. It has also made numerous performances and recordings.

Sevilla Gospel Choir

In the year 2022 the rehearsals of a new choir begin. A challenge for our school, since it means the jump to the peninsula. The School forms a new choir in Seville. Rehearsals begin in September of that year and at the beginning of 2023 it already has almost 30 members. We have our sights set on concerts, workshops and meetings between the components of the choirs of our school that will begin very soon.


For Escuela Gospel de Canarias the formation is a fundamental part, and that is why we believe that music at an early age is necessary and a priority in this society. According to this principle we have created Canarias Teen Gospel Choir, the gospel choir for children, youth and teenagers. It is the quarry of the School, which has its first headquarters in Tenerife but the objective is to expand to all the Canary Islands in the near future.

Today, our choir already has 2 years of experience among which we already have numerous concerts.

Canarias Teen Gospel Choir is directed by Sonia Cardenas who has a wide experience in the musical and educational field and makes the youngest enjoy and learn with music in a fun and dynamic way.


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