At Canary Islands School of Gospel (EGC) we have always had the purpose of working together with society, which is why, over the last four years, we have participated in many social events and supported different institutions and organisations with the objective of actively taking part in society.

So, in order to make this dream a reality, this year, in 2021, we have taken a step forward to start our first and very own social project under the name We are people.

We are people is a long-term social project through which the EGC will implement different actions in order to collaborate closely with the society or with associations which play a significant role in our society. During the month of May 2021, we successfully carried out our first action with a social purpose. To do this, we started a crowdfunding campaign that we finally achieved in order to raise funds to cover the costs of a studio recording session to record our first single as Canarias Gospel Choir and also raise funds to donate to the Association of Breast Cancer of Tenerife (ÁMATE). Besides, we will release our version of the chosen song on all major streaming platforms and all the benefits from streams, performances, etc. will be also donated to the same association. 

All members of Canarias Gospel Choir (from four different islands) have participated in the recording of the song which will be our first single and is a cover of the famous and powerful song Rise up by the artist Andra Day. Our first single is already a reality and it will be released very soon on all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, etc. We’re sure you’ll love it and the best part is that when you listen to it you’ll be collaborating with a very good cause!

Crowdfunding promotion video