Canarias Gospel Summit 2021

Canarias Gospel Summit, after its first edition in 2019, has become a reference event in its category in the Canary Islands. With the main objective of teaching and training, this gospel summit consists of different activities for all age groups.

Canarias Gospel Summit 2019 took place in Candelaria (Tenerife) from 5th to 7th April and some additional activities which took place on 8th April. The event was a great success, a large number of people participated in the workshops that took place in different places in the island of Tenerife and other islands, and there were also many people who came to enjoy the concerts and performances. 


All of us at Canarias Gospel Summit agree that, apart from the teaching and learning nature of the event, it is of vital importance that this festival has an integrating character for the whole of the society. Therefore, we try that all cultural events within the festival become part of the identity of the different places where these take place and that they are positively considered by other professionals.


After the inevitable cancellation of the 2019 edition due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, this year the Canary Islands School of Gospel will finally celebrate its most important event. Canarias Gospel Summit 2021 will take place next October, again in Candelaria (Tenerife) and will include a programme of activities for all age groups. This year, and due to the current health crisis, the event will take place respecting the health safety rules, regulations and restrictions in force at the time when the event takes place in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.



General information

  • Teacher: Daniel Thomas
  • Date and times: 
  • Friday, October 8th – 5pm to 8pm
  • Saturday, October 9th  – 10:30am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6:30pm
  • Sunday, October 10th – 10am to 12 noon (final performance at 1pm)
  • Venue: Espacio Cultural Cine Viejo, Candelaria (Tenerife)
  • Registration fee: €65

The gospel workshop for adults, main activity of Canarias Gospel Summit 2021, will take place from 8th to 10th October and will consist of intensive sessions to train participants in vocal technique adapted to choir singing and the gospel music genre. Over the weekend the participants will have the chance to work and prepare different gospel songs and will be guided on how to perform on stage with a final concert on the last day of the workshop to show what they learn over the weekend. In the 2021 edition of Canarias Gospel Summit we will have a special guest to carry out this workshop: the multi-faceted and experienced artist, singer and choirmaster Daniel Thomas



General information

  • Teacher: Sonia Cárdenas
  • Date: 20th-21st November 2021
  • Time: 10am to 12:30pm (including a break)
  • Ages: 8-15 years old
  • Venue: Centro Cultural La Villa, Candelaria
  • Registration fee: €40

This workshop is designed for young children and teenagers and will take place on 20th-21st November. The workshop will consist of two sessions of approximately two hours each in which the children who participate will engage in different activities within the field of music in order to broaden their competences and skills through music and in the context of gospel music. In this second edition of Canarias Gospel Summit, Sonia Cárdenas, from the Canary Islands, will be the specialist in music therapy and music teaching in charge of this activity. All children willing to participate are welcome in this workshop, without discrimination or requirement to register of any kind in an attemp to promote integration of participants of different profiles.


General information

  • Teacher: Rocío González
  • Date: 16th October
  • Time: 10am to 2pm
  • Venue: Centro Cultural La Villa, Candelaria (Tenerife)
  • Registration fee: €40

As part of Canarias Gospel Summit 2021, we will have the opportunity to participate in a four hour workshop by Rocío González, speech therapist with over 20 years of experience as a speech therapist, trainer and consultant for vocal, speech and communication purposes. Rocío González will teach the participants about how to take care of our voice and vocal tract and how to use our voice correctly in different contexts and for different purposes. This session will be of special interest for all those who use their voice as a tool at work (singers, actors/actresses, teachers, speakers, etc.) as well as for anyone interested in this field.



General information

  • Dates: October 8th, 9th and 10th
  • Venue: Espacio Cultural Cine Viejo, Candelaria (Tenerife)
  • Ticket: free entry (limited capacity according to the health regulations in force at the time of the concerts)

In the 2021 edition of Canarias Gospel Summit there will be three free concerts suitable for all audiences, full of gospel and with the participation of special guests where the main purpose will be to transmit a positive message to the audience. The concert by the choir of the EGC (Canarias Gospel Choir) will have a significant social nature and character through the collaboration with different organisations that need the support from the society. The concerts programmed in the 2021 edition of Canarias Gospel Summit will take place on the following dates:


  • Friday, October 8th (8pm): concert by the local group Naturally
  • Saturday, October 9th (8pm): concert by the gospel choir Canarias Gospel Choir
  • Sunday, October 10th (1pm): final end-of-workshop concert with all the participants in the gospel workshop for adults directed by our special guest Daniel Thomas


ruth waldron


Daniel Thomas is an internationally recognized multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-talented bohemian, with choral directing experience that spans over 30 years. A singer, songwriter, vocal coach, vocal arranger, choir director, backing vocalist and keyboardist, in the genres of dance, gospel, soul, pop, funk, jazz, rock and classical. 

He has served as the choir director of The London Community Gospel choir – with which he toured extensively, along with many other choirs both in the UK and abroad, including the Grammy Award winning Love Fellowship Choir (New York) and the International Mass Choir (900 voices) in Stockholm, 2010. Currently there are five choirs under his jurisdiction. For some years now he has also worked as consultant and trainer for directors of many church and community choirs or as director of choirs for TV shows and music festivals. Daniel Thomas has been a backing vocalist for singers and bands such as Elton John, Luther Vandross or even James Brown himself! Are you going to miss the opportunity to meet him and learn from an artist with such an amazing career?

ruth waldron


From the Canary Islands and passionate about teaching and music: these could be the main features to describe our special guest in charge of the workshop for young children. Sonia Cárdenas graduated at university in Primary Education Teaching specializing in music teaching and she also has a postgraduate degree in Methodology and Resources for Music Teaching, the certificate in Therapeutic Pedagogy and a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy, Special Education and Special Education Needs. Sonia is also a gospel singer currently in training and a member of Canarias Gospel Choir. We are sure it will be a very enriching experience to have her as a teacher for the youngest singers at this years’ edition of Canarias Gospel Summit.

ruth waldron


Rocío González is an expert with deep knowledge of speech and voice therapy who offers training for different audiences such as voice professionals of the academic and business field, as well as the performing arts. Rocío is trained in the Estill Voice method and she is also a founding partner of Centro Mencey, a multifaceted center of psychology, psychiatry and speech therapy which focuses on therapy and training in these fields. At Escuela de Voz y Locución (part of Centro Mencey) she has coordinated audiovisual, creative and publicity locution courses as well as voice and vocal technique training courses.

This group is formed by all the members of Escuela Gospel de Canarias. It is a choir made up of approximately 50 people from different islands of the Canary Islands. The main objective of the choir is to promote gospel music through concerts and by working closely with the society through social activities such as concerts, workshops, or awareness-raising and support activities for social organizations or associations. In the year 2021, through the long-term social project We are people and after a very successful crowdfunding campaign, Canarias Gospel Choir has recorded their first single to collaborate with the Association of Breast Cancer of Tenerife (ÁMATE). 

Naturally is one of the reference music groups in the Canary Islands, a music ensemble of skilled soloists and instrumentalists specializing in black music (soul, R&B, gospel, etc.). The group’s main objective is to bring a fresh sound to the stage and focuses very much on the work and result of vocal arrangements. The group brings together a team of 13 people in total including members on and off stage (6 vocalists, 4 instrumentalists and 3 technicians). Currently the group are working on the production of their new video and single.